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Star Hub with Timken-Style BearingUpgraded star hub features Timken-style tapered bearingsEasier setup than old conventional-style hubChrome finishAssembly includes inner spacer, seals and...
Star Hub with Timken-Style Bearing
  • Upgraded star hub features Timken-style tapered bearings
  • Easier setup than old conventional-style hub
  • Chrome finish
  • Assembly includes inner spacer, seals and snap rings
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    Harley DavidsonE 1000 1943ALL
    Harley DavidsonE 1000 1944ALL
    Harley DavidsonE 1000 1945ALL
    Harley DavidsonE 1000 1946ALL
    Harley DavidsonE 1000 1947ALL
    Harley DavidsonE 1000 1948ALL
    Harley DavidsonE 1000 Hydra Glide1949ALL
    Harley DavidsonE 1000 Hydra Glide1950ALL
    Harley DavidsonE 1000 Hydra Glide1951ALL
    Harley DavidsonE 1000 Hydra Glide1952ALL
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    Harley DavidsonEL 1000 1937ALL
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